Among the questions this website will answer for you...


  • How can we obtain health data and maps at the census tract level and above to include in our non-profit organization grant applications?


  • Who can help our health care organization plan for and lead a strategic planning workshop for the board and administration?


  • What is the market share for our hospital or nursing home when compared to our competitors?




  • Who will help our medical group, health plan or hospital manage our patients living at home with chronic health conditions so they don't end up back in the ER or hospital?


  • How can we learn how other cancer support programs are helping their former patients recover to become survivors?


  • What services are available to the uninsured and underinsured living in Seminole County, Florida?




  • How well are we using our grant funds and are we making the difference we outlined in our original logic model?


News and Resources


COVID-19 vaccinations at home now available to physicians

Doctors wishing to offer COVID vaccinations to their homebound patients should  contact Ken Peach at 866.991.3652 extension 702 or for information. (11/21)


Census Tract Level Data, Mapping Tools, and Hospital Data Now Available

Senior Health Planner Therry Feroldi recently enhanced the health planning tools available to clients.  Please check the Health Planning list for more information on each of these expanded planning supports. (11/21)

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