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The Health Council of East Central Florida, Inc. (HCECF) is a private non-profit healthcare planning agency providing research, education and program support to improve healthcare delivery and outcomes.  The Health Council serves District VII which encompasses the four-county region of Brevard, Orange, Osceola and Seminole.




Provide research, program development and evaluation services that enable community-based health organizations to improve population health.




Healthcare services are researched and evaluated for effectiveness and efficiency based on outcome.


Stakeholders are well-educated on the options for healthcare services.


Successful programs are continually enhanced to meet the healthcare needs of the community.




The Health Council gathers and reports nursing home utilization, conducts community and behavioral health needs assessments, and facilitates strategic planning. See Health Planning.


With funding from partner organizations, the Health Council administers a seven-county cancer control collaborative, operates a health network that serves the uninsured and underinsured in Seminole County, and provides chronic care home coach visits using paramedics. See Health Services.


Organizations receiving grant funding that requires third party evaluation of funding and program outcomes use the Health Council team of evaluators to monitor and report performance. See Program Performance.


Local health councils have been approved time and again over the years as what is termed single source service providers.  The Health Council of East Central Florida develops flexible project proposals for government agencies and businesses seeking to avoid what can be a lengthy and costly Request for Proposal process.  Contact Jeff Feller at 866.991.3652, extension 702 or email jfeller@wellflorida.org to receive Single Source Service Provider documentation or to request a single source project proposal.




This Health Council serves Brevard, Osceola, Orange, and Seminole counties in District 7.




When formed in 1982, the local health councils created district health plans.  However, years ago, even before the advent of health department Community Health Assessments (CHAs) and Community Health Improvement Plans (CHIPs), and not-for-profit hospital Community Health Needs Assessments (CHNAs), district health plans were discontinued statewide and replaced with county health profiles like those available on this website.  


In 2023, at the request of the Health Department, we will provide a district health plan that is composed of the CHIP plans from each county to avoid duplicating and conflicting with plans already developed and approved by stakeholders in each of the four service counties.  This will be added to this website prior to September 30, 2023.





Created in 1982 by the Florida Legislature under Florida Statute Section 408.033, The Health Council of East Central Florida became one of eleven Local Health Councils to serve as a network of non-profit agencies that conduct regional health planning and implementation activities.  Originally charged with overseeing the Certificate of Need (CON) process for local healthcare facilities, the activities undertaken by the Health Councils are designed to improve access to healthcare, reduce disparities in health status, assist state and local governments in the development of sound and rational healthcare policies and advocate on behalf of the underserved.


Currently there are 10 Councils providing services to 11 Districts across Florida.  You can learn more about them at: www.flhealthplanning.org


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Team Directory

Dept. Name Title   Telephone Email
Planning Jeff Feller Executive Director   866.991.3652, x. 702 jfeller@wellflorida.org
Planning Therry Feroldi Senior Health Planner   866.991.3652, x. 701


Admin. Linda McKee Program Coordinator   866.991.3652, x. 700 lmckee@hcecf..org
Admin. Iris Corchado Office Support     icorchado@hcecf.org
Care-A-Medix James Witherspoon Community Paramedic, Metro Orlando Market Manager   321.250.3077 jwitherspoon@careamedix.org
Care-A-Medix Ron Paige Community Paramedic, North Lake / Sumter / Marion County Market Manager   407.221.6398 rpaige@careamedix.org
Services Erika M. Feazell HUBB Community Resource Specialist   407.337.6920, ext. 102 emfeazell@fhwo.org
Services Tonia Blanford HealthLink   866.991.3652, x. 703 tblanford@hcecf.org
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